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If objective reality exists, it is beyond our collective consciousness. We attempt to comprehend our surroundings by imparting biases on subjective experiences. The scientific method empowers us to ask questions about our environment, formulate hypotheses, and design repeatable experiments to test claims. We hold conclusions that stand up to scrutiny in higher regard.

A more robust methodology is required to decipher one-off events. Some occurrences are perceived by too few witnesses, while others demand resources beyond our senses. We construct narratives to bridge discontinuities and condense information into more digestible portions. Placing trust in authoritative entities reduces the burden on those lacking relevant expertise but increases the risk of fabrication to manipulate the masses.

The mission of HomeCourt is to develop a knowledge protocol that mitigates society's inclination toward partiality. An immutable ledger maintains the transparency and integrity of operations. A distributed governance ensures that an informed community acts with sufficient evidence. Digital contracts automate processes that currently rely on human interpretation. These principles foster open discourse and guide us closer to universality.



A set of procedures dictate how machines communicate over the internet. Elementary interfaces deliver base levels of functionality to all network participants. Layers assembled on top of this foundation expand upon core concepts to strengthen features such as security, privacy, and speed. Reliable connections allow us to place our focus on the content of payloads.

We propose a method to translate data through logical propositions. Every inquiry expects a binary response, confining output to a single dimension. We can analyze decisions in aggregate to solve complex issues with simple arithmetic. The most significant advancement of this approach is its ability to relay intelligence from any contributor without trust. Requiring skin in the game obligates users to apply more risk-averse strategies when making claims.

Financial derivatives—more specifically binary options—support the exchange of value for wisdom. Anyone that desires insight can open a market and consult with the public on a resolution. Investors trade corresponding shares to speculate on or hedge against eventualities. Independent arbitrators settle disputes when underlying assets reach maturity. Value at stake in these contracts exceeds the commission earned for input by orders of magnitude. Reputation scores protect against misaligned incentives and balance exposure with reward.




The sports data industry is ripe for disruption. Large organizations construct barriers to entry against competitors and even potential clients. Their monthly subscription services can exceed thousands of dollars, pricing out the innovation of early-stage ventures. These centralized firms implement walled gardens to restrict access to intellectual property, and any new technology is subject to the copy-acquire-kill strategy. Private infrastructure often misallocates human capital through the duplication of management roles. Extraneous costs traverse the supply chain, leaving fans to foot the bill.

An opportunity exists for the Advantage Protocol to break this cycle. The evolution of a legal betting landscape bodes well for information markets to become more popular among the general public. Existing implementations do not attract enough open interest to establish the optimal price of possible outcomes. However, a distributed exchange equips traditional bookmakers with powerful tools that protect them from unsought liability. Liquidity providers benefit further by saving on recurring expenses such as recording event details, settling trades, and meeting regulations.

Our app exemplifies how a business can connect its sportsbook to the network while preserving its branding and customer base. Each backer added to the pool incrementally amplifies transaction volume but compounds the utility of stored knowledge. Data feeds forged by on-chain activity eliminate reliance on third-party publications. These documents permit auxiliary ventures to generate even more profit for the community. Although our scope is currently limited to sports, we aspire to recognize patterns that will broaden our domain. We have engineered a frontend to gather manual input and soon expect to handle mechanized reporting from specialized systems.


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